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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Chris and I arrived in Paducah this evening. It was a rainy ride down here. We didn't make any stops except for a brief visit with Superman in Metropolis! We went to Flamingo Row in Paducah for dinner and that was very nice. We walked around the inside of the hotel this evening to scout out were they moved the vendors to and as we were returning to our room, we saw a small animal scampering about...It was a racoon. Should a racoon be inside the Executive Inn? Perhaps he is hoping to attend some qulting classes!


Anonymous said...

I understand that the management company had six weeks to get the Executive Inn prepared for the show week and that there were many, many problems, including a larger number of raccoons living there! I was told that there was one that was eluding capture.

wendy said...

The hotel was cleaner this time. The new lighting and carpeting in the convention center was great. We had a great time in Paducah. I hope the sale of the hotel goes through

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