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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Next BOM

I am 90% sure this is the quilt we are going to use for the next BOM pattern:  http://store.quiltingbythebay.com/stores_app/Browse_Item_Details.asp?Shopper_id=9278524184779278&Store_id=774&page_id=23&Item_ID=2767

You will have your choice of using the pattern and supplying your own fabrics or purchasing mine.  Natually I plan to make the pattern my own to share with you.  I will do the construction a little different, change a couple blocks and do different squares in the corners.  The pattern will be for sale at Frank's.  Cost of the program to follow!

These are the fabrics I bought to make it
I can't wait to get started so I can show off the finished top!  Stay tuned for more details.  Sign up will begin soon.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Waukesha Freeman

A couple weeks ago there was an article about my Monday quilting group in the paper.  This past Saturday the Freeman, Brookfield and Elm Grove This Month came out and they re-ran the story with color pictures this time! Taken from the article:

"Marlene Helsinki, a lifetime member of the church who was on the task force, said she has dropped in to visit with the group. "They're all so kind and pleasant." "It's a very appropriate use of the space. It's a very homey atmosphere".

I am quoted

"There's much more that goes on here on Mondays than just quilting. It is a loving, supportive community that benefits socially and emotionally as well as creatively by being together. Having this group meet in the church is a great way to further the skills God has blessed us with as well as giving us a sense of community."

Work Day

Yesterday we had another work day at Franks for the BOM.  There were eight busy worker bees there!.. Several of them went home with their blocks pieced together with the setting triangles!  They are looking great and I like how each one is just a little different because of the colors chosen. Good work!!!!!!    I know there are several people coming to WCTC on Tuesay for the Finishing Finesse class to finish their quilts.  I will bring my camera and post some pictures!

Barb Fabus sent me a pictur of the previous BOM quilt that she finished.  This is what she wrote to me:

This is my first big quilt. It is my learning quilt. It took me along time to figure out what I wanted, I designed it and did the quilting too. I finally found that an ancient Necchi worked best for the quilting as the arm is a little longer and is it smooth and strong! I also experimented with different feet and stumbled onto one that worked great. Of course, most of the quilting (using the term loosely when referring to my work!) was done by that time. I am sure that 2 or 3 times the amount of thread that is in the quilt now has been ripped out over the course of making it. I would not have even thought of making a quilt, nor could I have done it without the inspiration, help and support from Kay Cone. The overt love of everything thread and needle and all of the enthusiasm of the Tuesday BOM has been great and I will always love quilts now. Wendy, your instructions and designs are excellent. Thank you so much everyone. Barb Fabus

Here is a picture of her quilt.  Awesome.  (Is yours finished?  Mine is now hanging in the hallway at the store if you want to see it)

I think I am getting close to an announcement about the nest BOM so stay tuned!

It is a beautiful time to see some perrenials in the garden here are a couple of my iris pictures

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