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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New York Beauty #4

Iron the gold edge of the convex piece lightly so you call still see the fold line but it is not turned under. Apply a little washable glue to the inside of the fold line. Place the first arc on top of the gold and heat set with an iron from the right side and the wrong side.

Now go to the sewing machine and stitch on your drawn line.

New York Beauty #3

Now that the first arc is done, repeat the process for second arc.
Draw a line on all the concave surfaces. Clip the concave seam allowance to about 1/8" from the FP.

Iron the concave and convex pieces to the wrong side of your gold fabric. Cut out about 3/4" bigger. Draw the line on the concave side. Clip that edge.
With a fabric brush, put a line of liquid starch along the curved edges of all four sections, and then iron the seam allowances toward the freezer paper using the side of the iron and pulling with the hand that is not ironing.

The sections will look like this. Remove the freezer paper and press again from the right side. Because you did not sew through the template you will be able to use these freezer paper sections over and over. When the shiny side gets full of lint I go over it with a terry cloth rag with a little rubbing alcohol on it.

New York Beauty 2

Iron the green triangle to the shiny side ot the small arc FP template.

Fold the Freezer paper back and trim to 1/4"

Add black piece of fabric with right sides together and sew with the needle of the machine againist the folded freezer paper.
(Turn your head or your computer the right way to see the picture better!)

Finger press. Then press with the iron. The shiny side of the FP will hold the pieces in place. Repeat for the other triangles. Press as you go. Repeat until arc is completed.

Shrink two pieces of 13" freezer paper (FP). Lightly tack the FP to my pattern in a couple spot. On the dull side of one of the sheets of FP, trace the pattern given to you. Be sure the outside square is 12". Add information about colors. Iron to the second piece of FP to make it a heavier template.

Cut out carefully into 4 sections: 2 arcs and the concave and convex piece. Be sure the curves are smooth! On the left over FP, trace the triangles of the arcs. Use these to cut the corresponding fabric 1/2" bigger all the way around.

On the cut out arc, sew on the lines of the triangles with no thread in the machine. These perforations will help to fold the arcs accurately.

New York Beauty freezer paper and glue!

I thought I would post pictures and descriptions of how to construct our the next block so Block of the Month people could refer here for reminders of how to construct the block.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January BOM 2010

The next block of the month is coming up fast. I have been working hard this week with the directions and making sample blocks. It will be a mind shift as this is not the traditional piecing we are used to. There are curves and odd angles but if you are up for a little challenge, you will love it. Imagine paper piecing where you do not have to tear out any paper! Sound intriguing? Have you evver used Elmer's glue when quilting? This month you will! BOM is Jan 8th PM Jan 12th AM at Franks and Jan 18th at Creativity Studio.

I am looking for some beginning quilting students at WCTC. If there are not enough students by next monday they will be cancelled. The day and the evening class that start on Jan 26 both need about 4 students so if you know of anyone or want to sharpen your skills sign up! Here is a link to all the quilting classes at WCTC this Spring. http://wctc.edu/wctcsys/class_search/found.php

Chris and I are still looking for about a few more people to go to Ireland with us in Oct of 2010. WE have a great trip planned. We will even be meeting with a quilt guild in Ireland. If you want more information about the trip: http://chrisquilts.net/Spring%20In%20Holland.htm

I am teaching at the Land Cruise in Racine in March. It is really a lot of fun. You can find pictures of the classes here. http://www.quilterslandcruise.com/class.html

Hope to see you soon

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