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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paducah and my birthday

We had another great year in Paducah Kentucky. It was strange as neither Chris or I took any classes or went to any lectures. Don't worry we found plenty to do. I have included pictures here of the winning quilt, the best hand work quilt and the winning wall quilt. My demo for the All Star Review went well. It was so nice of Bonnie Browning to invite me to teach there. We left on Friday so I could be home for my daughter's prom. What fun. Sunday was my birthday so it has been a busy week. My class on Monday threw me a really nice birthday party! There was food, cake, a flashing birthday pin, jewelry, balloons and even a money tree! Thank you! Chris put together a birthday cake made from fat quarters. Isn't it clever? Quiltina liked it too.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Chris and I arrived in Paducah this evening. It was a rainy ride down here. We didn't make any stops except for a brief visit with Superman in Metropolis! We went to Flamingo Row in Paducah for dinner and that was very nice. We walked around the inside of the hotel this evening to scout out were they moved the vendors to and as we were returning to our room, we saw a small animal scampering about...It was a racoon. Should a racoon be inside the Executive Inn? Perhaps he is hoping to attend some qulting classes!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Block of the Month is 4-10, 13,or 14

My 6" square lecture for the Lake Country Guild was lots of fun. Nice to see a lot of familiar faces there! When I got home from that, it was either start cutting BOM blocks or paint silk scarves outside in the sunshine instead of in the basement as I have been doing it. The nice weather won me over. I was able to paint 17 scarves today. Now they will all need to be heat set, washed and then ironed. I think I am going to take them to church to decorate the snctuary for Easter before they go up for sale. They are so pretty and elegant! After dinner, I worked on BOM paperwork and started cutting out the blocks. This months block has 49 pieces in it. Luckily there was fabric in the kits from last month that gets used for this one so I did not need to cut all of it! Looking forward to seeing many of you in the next few days. Have a Happy Easter

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Creative Fun

I have been a bad blogger...also translates to..too busy! But as always it is a fun busy!
If you do not recieve the newsletter from Superior Threads I would highly encourage you to sign up for it. There is always valuable information about thread, needles and more in the newsletter. This month he talks about the advantage of Titanium needles. I am going to buy some...they always sell out at Frank's before I have a chance to get them!

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Sew Much More!™

Here is today's agenda to show you a little glimpse of the Rieves insanity
  • Get ready for the lecture for Lake Country Quilters which is Thursday at 9AM
  • Grocery shop for BOM recipe
  • Make homemade marshmallows for BOM (these are nothing like store bought ones! You will love them)
  • Finish writing the letter for the retreat May 3-6 at Pilgrim Center
  • Paint 7-9 more scarves for the Elm Grove Woman's Club Luncheon. (They are using my scarves as part of the center pieces and they will be for sale) Note to self, make marshmallows first so hands are pristine for working with food! Not blue stained from the paints! Isn't that appetizing.
  • Finalize directions for April's BOM for Frank's Sewing Center and figure the number of cuts to make of each fabric. Cut the fabric tomorrow.
  • Go over the paperwork for BOM and update the Excel spread sheet
  • Cut Brown fabric for the exchange at BOM into 3" strips
  • Go to West suburban Quilter's Guild meeting at 7 tonight
  • Get off the computer and get going on this stuff!!!!

Have a great day


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