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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Block of the Month is 4-10, 13,or 14

My 6" square lecture for the Lake Country Guild was lots of fun. Nice to see a lot of familiar faces there! When I got home from that, it was either start cutting BOM blocks or paint silk scarves outside in the sunshine instead of in the basement as I have been doing it. The nice weather won me over. I was able to paint 17 scarves today. Now they will all need to be heat set, washed and then ironed. I think I am going to take them to church to decorate the snctuary for Easter before they go up for sale. They are so pretty and elegant! After dinner, I worked on BOM paperwork and started cutting out the blocks. This months block has 49 pieces in it. Luckily there was fabric in the kits from last month that gets used for this one so I did not need to cut all of it! Looking forward to seeing many of you in the next few days. Have a Happy Easter

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