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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Waukesha Freeman

A couple weeks ago there was an article about my Monday quilting group in the paper.  This past Saturday the Freeman, Brookfield and Elm Grove This Month came out and they re-ran the story with color pictures this time! Taken from the article:

"Marlene Helsinki, a lifetime member of the church who was on the task force, said she has dropped in to visit with the group. "They're all so kind and pleasant." "It's a very appropriate use of the space. It's a very homey atmosphere".

I am quoted

"There's much more that goes on here on Mondays than just quilting. It is a loving, supportive community that benefits socially and emotionally as well as creatively by being together. Having this group meet in the church is a great way to further the skills God has blessed us with as well as giving us a sense of community."

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