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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day! I taught my scarf class in the morning. We had so much fun. In the afternoon, it was on to Beloit to Tori's gymnastic meet. It is amazing how young girls can flip and bend in ways I never ever did!

My Basic Plus class at WCTC still needs a couple people...3 in the day and 2 at night. It is such a cool quilt. It looks complicated but is quite simple. Sign up by Tues afternoon or it will be cancelled!
Here is a picture of it in progress. The completed quilt is hanging in the classroom at Frank's Sewing Center.

304-620B-009 21793 Quilting - Basic Plus 3 0 Rieves, Wendy L $49.00 .25 03/03/09-03/24/09 T 09:00am-11:55am WK115

304-620B-010 21794 Quilting - Basic Plus 2 0 Rieves, Wendy L $49.00 .25 03/03/09-03/24/09 T 06:00pm-08:55pm WK115

Operator Assisted Registration
Call 262.691.5578

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