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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Everyday things get a little better at the Rieves and the Korslin household. Tomorrow I get to go and read a story to my nephew's second grade class. I am reading Robert the Rose Horse. It was a family favorite as I was growing up since my brother's name was Robert. I often wondered why there was not a book with Wendy in the title. I will have to settle for Wendy being a major character in Peter Pan.

My friend Chris Kirsch has come to my rescue and is finishing the binding on the BOM quilt. I had it sewn on and some of the hand work done but this morning it was more than I could handle. She is taking it to Frank's as soon as it is finished.
I had Julie Meeks quilt the quilt except for the borders. (She did a great job) That was a great way to go. It kept the cost down and it let me add my own flourish with my feather quilting in the two outside borders. Another added benefit of that is that it was basted around the edge so I did not need to do any pinning. I really like this quilt. The Block of the Month groups will have a great time making it. The club starts next week! (except for my Monday Ladies) We will start with a simple block and you will not need any of your own fabric for this block. It will be great fun!

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