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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New York Beauty #3

Now that the first arc is done, repeat the process for second arc.
Draw a line on all the concave surfaces. Clip the concave seam allowance to about 1/8" from the FP.

Iron the concave and convex pieces to the wrong side of your gold fabric. Cut out about 3/4" bigger. Draw the line on the concave side. Clip that edge.
With a fabric brush, put a line of liquid starch along the curved edges of all four sections, and then iron the seam allowances toward the freezer paper using the side of the iron and pulling with the hand that is not ironing.

The sections will look like this. Remove the freezer paper and press again from the right side. Because you did not sew through the template you will be able to use these freezer paper sections over and over. When the shiny side gets full of lint I go over it with a terry cloth rag with a little rubbing alcohol on it.

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